Monday, April 8, 2013

A Time for Growth

As we drive around this time of year, we see flower and garden beds being prepared.  Compost is tilled into the beds for nourishment to insure a bountiful harvest.  On a personal level there are a few things we can do to insure our growth, our spiritual growth.

You may have heard the saying "Prayer is for talking to God and Meditation is for listening to God."  True prayer is the way we plug into God, aligning our thinking with the love that  infuses all things.  We are asking what we can learn, what insight God would have us receive, and what wisdom He would place within us.

True meditation is not just staring at a candle and relaxing, it is an opportunity to get greater insight and deeper peace.  Meditation is, also, a  spiritual exercise, strengthening muscles, making it easier to remove
thoughts of fear, negativity, anger and judgment. 

As we take the time to prepare our garden and flower beds this time of year, let us, also, take time for prayer and meditation to prepare ourselves for a stronger relationship with God.